The 4th Annual Immigrant’s Reunion: we plan the very best meeting in

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Dear LIBC members and Friends

We hope that you are enjoyed Planet Lebanon 2017 conference. We encourage you to consider the benefits of attending the 4th Annual Immigrant’s Reunion conference on 2 August 2018, at Monroe Hotel, Beirut.

Keynote speakers and VIP guests at our meetings, always bringing good information on timely topics. This is a special year, which we will witness the election of new LIBC board a day before the conference. We hope you will be able to join us and join the people who started this organization. This organization has grown from the founders to over 500 attendees at the annual conferences.

We would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce our organization to you. LIBC believes that the Lebanese have the ability and the responsibility to create an economic force that will play a great financial and political role in today’s global marketplace. The council aims at paving the way for all Lebanese, wherever they are, to position themselves as a powerful economic and financial community in the international business world. Already, LIBC has set up many initiatives to realize its goals, such as developing an interactive website and hosting highly successful conferences that will link the Lebanese worldwide.

The 4th Annual Immigrant’s Reunion conference will host a lot of immigrants who get together once a year to share, present, and discuss issues that are of interest to the immigrants.

Topics range from real-estate sector to transport and Information and communication technology.

The purpose of the successful conferences that will link the Lebanese worldwide.

The 4th Annual Immigrant’s Reunion is to provide professional development, research, collaboration, and interaction for the Lebanese economy. Other benefits are networking and making good friends with people from other states who do the same work on a daily basis.

We are working diligently to plan the very best meeting that will once again bring timely topics of great interest to all attendees.

We would like you to join a great group of people, with similar interests and vocations, who work every day to promote Lebanese immigrants causes and interest.

Please take this opportunity to contact LIBC office at the following address to tell us of your interest in attending.

Primary registration can be down via this link

We, the Board of Directors, look forward to meeting you in Beirut.


Nassib Fawaz
Founding president of the Lebanese International Business Council (LIBC)

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