The Invest in Lebanon Initiative was created to encourage the Diaspora to invest more in Lebanon in Small and Medium Enterprises in Lebanon across all sectors in order to support entrepreneurship and stimulate economic growth and jobs creation.


Lebanon boasts a vibrant and large pool of entrepreneurial talent, innovators and business ventures. On the other hand, the country enjoys an exceptional network of expatriates, businessmen, entrepreneurs, wealthy investors and senior executives who have access to capital, expertise and global business connections.

The Invest in Lebanon initiative aims to bridge the gap between the Lebanese expatriates, whose involvement and investment in Lebanon remain often limited to real estate, bank deposits and government bonds, and the pool of local Entrepreneurs, which remains largely untapped despite their potential to thrive in Lebanon and abroad.

The biggest obstacles to growth are as follows:

  • Lack of access to private capital;
  • Lack of access to international markets; and
  • Lack of access to global businesses.


Since its establishment , LIBC PROMOTE the Invest in Lebanon initiative in order to bridge the gap between the Lebanese Business and Finance community abroad and the local Lebanese Entrepreneurial ecosystem through a series of initiatives.

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