The LIBC Executive Board is designed to encourage outreach and more scalable support amongst members.

The objective is to avail the collective professional experience of the LIBC Executive Board (made up of a rotating board of senior members) to other senior members focusing on practical advice, feedback and targeted help in reaching a broader network.


Review submissions
Respect confidentiality and refrain from passing on details without the Proposer’s approval
Consult amongst themselves to ensure if/how they can assist the Proposer
Provide timely feedback through a designated board member (rotational basis unless someone volunteers/overrides based on knowledge of subject matter or Proposer)
Meet quarterly (if necessary) and, depending on the nature of the proposal, invite the Proposer to the quarterly call
Consider if they or anyone in their network may be of help
If appropriate, and subject to proposer’s approval, forward proposal to selected third parties


The LIBC is conceived to address proposals relating to business initiatives such as product launches; fundraising programmes; JV proposals; etc.

Such proposals will not solicit charitable donations; employment requests; approval of content; sponsorship; endorsement of direct investments.

Please read carefully the guidance instructions on the nature of requests welcomed by the LIBC and the precise information required to allow LIBC members to be of assistance.

For any inquiry, please contact the Connect Team


Submissions will be in the form of a standard template, vetted by LIBC
Submissions should not include solicitations for charitable donations, employment, sponsorships, formal endorsement or direct investments.
The proposal and sponsor will be vetted byLIBC with respect of format and membership status
Feedback will be given either through designated LIBC volunteer of if appropriate as a group on the quarterly call