The Lebanese International Business Council (LIBC) was established in 1999 under decree No. 4 dated 4/12/1999 issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior.

LIBC is a nonprofit organization that works on improving and promoting the economic and financial development of Lebanon by encouraging investments in various profitable projects while connecting Lebanese businesspeople around the globe.


LIBC believes that the Lebanese have the ability and the responsibility to create a lobby that can play an effective economic and financial role in today’s global marketplace.

The council’s mission is to pave the way for all Lebanese, wherever they are, to position themselves as a powerful community in the international business world.


LIBC strives to act as an interface between the Diaspora and the Homeland to enforce a new and more productive level of communication amongst our people. We also provide the Lebanese community abroad with a united voice, encouraging them to influence and participate in business, political, and social decisions.

Already, LIBC has set up many initiatives to realize its goals, such as developing an interactive website and hosting successful conferences that link the Lebanese worldwide. This unique world forum brings Lebanon’s global business diaspora under one roof.

LIBC Preface


The creation of LIBC is a natural response to the increasing need for the Lebanese diaspora to work together and become a major force.

In addition to entrepreneurs and businessmen, LIBC invites Lebanese professionals, intellectuals, journalists, artists, celebrities, researchers, and other prominent individuals to be part of its global network.

The council strongly encourages and believes in a diverse membership that represents a variety of backgrounds, which will transcend the boundaries of various nationalities, divisive politics, and sectarianism.