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We are pleased to relaunch e-LIBC Newsletter (July 2016), which is a great way of reaching LIBC target audience to promote our services, news and activities.

e-LIBC Newsletter will allow us to reach a wide Lebanese immigrants communities to launch/expand our activities to potential clients and also cross/up-sell to our existing clientele.

It is an inexpensive and very targeted means of promotion in comparison to television commercials and advertising in print publications. At the same time, newsletters are an effective and — unlike spamming — respected method of marketing.

Lebanese immigrants business people want to see information in an e-newsletter that they can find on other websites so will make sure that e-LIBC Newsletter offers the reader a reason to read. Include current information and updates on Lebanon or any future developments and projects that are being planned (give them a sneak preview), and it may include articles relating to LIBC’s field of expertise.

We will create a feeling of community to let LIBC readers know that their opinions and views really do count. Correspondingly, encourage readers to be an active member of our community by allowing them to contribute with feedback on featured articles and even make contributions to our newsletter themselves.

e-LIBC Newsletter aims to attract people who possess similar demographics to our existing subscribers. We know very well that it’s important to research and outline who our members are and what they want – regardless of whether our subscriber list is small or large – that way we can optimize our newsletter to be both useful and relevant to our audience.

With kind regards
Nassib Fawaz
Founding President-LIBC

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