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For the past 17 years since the establishment of the Lebanese International Business Council (LIBC), a group of successful Lebanese Business people living and working abroad have joined hands to further develop and expand their business and invest wisely in Lebanon.
The Lebanese International Business Council (LIBC) is the response to that need. LIBC brings clear net benefits to Lebanese business people all over the world who wish to work together or invest in Lebanon. LIBC endeavors to make this possible by organizing events and conferences where members can discuss investment opportunities and work together to benefit Lebanon’s emerging growth companies.
One of the many objectives of LIBC is to provide the opportunity for the Lebanese International Community to work together both on the local scene and worldwide. This will inevitably create communication and strengthen business relationships among the members, while primarily, benefiting their own corporations by these investments.
As a Lebanese Immigrant myself, I am confident that by joining hands, we will be in a better position to consolidate the gains from our efforts. It is vital that we do so. The challenge now is to spread the word in order to meet our objectives and the needs of Lebanon.
Yours truly,
Nassib Fawaz,
Founding President

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