Eid Adha Mubarak

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LIBC team is pleased to convey the best greetings and wishes to you for Eid Al-Adha holiday. We pray to Allah that our worships were accepted, and that we all were involved in Allah’s forgiveness and manumission of hell fire. We pray to Allah to reward us and our beloved with health and happiness, wishing that Eid comes back with good health and blessings.
The Lebanese communities around the world has played an extraordinarily positive role in building and maintaining linkages between Lebanon and their countries.
Lebanese immigrants have brought with them notable contributions to the society in business and commerce, politics, education, sport and the arts. They have maintained a strong commitment to their adopted homeland while also cherishing their cultural and ethnic heritage. We are delighted that they have done so, giving tangible expression to what world multiculturalism is all about.
This retention of a sense of Lebanese identity means that, quite apart from anything else, the Lebanese communities should be at the forefront of the efforts of business in realising the potential for greater trade and commercial links between Lebanon and their countries, and we warmly encourage them to play that role.
Wishing everyone happy holidays!
Nassib Fawaz
Founding President-LIBC

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