Medyar: Now you can add a new city to the Lebanese Map

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Overlooking the Damour Highway and Mediterranean sea, Medyar is a project with a beautiful sea view surrounded hill that aims to transform the district into an attraction point into the Lebanese scenery.

It brings the most professional specialists of all fields with a dream to craft a new city with all components of the good living.

Medyar embraces the land, the idea, the financial, the creativity and is looking forward to welcome new investors to the family.

Inspired by the Mediterranean coast view and the passion we have for a homeland, comes Medyar to redefine the art of living.

The project has an overall area of 2.1 million sqm. Medyar has over 200 plots for sale. It will be divided into residential units, townhouses, and villas.

Medyar Town is the centerpiece of Medyar. It will be dedicated to hotels, cafes, bistros, shops and restaurants, swimming pools and sports courts, and possibly a cinema complex.

The starting price of the first phase, which includes all parts, except the villas, is between $400 and $600 per square meter.

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* The second day of Planet Lebanon 2017 conference will include a tour to the historic sights of Chouf district hosted by Medyar, the large sized gated community in Damour.

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