Lebanese Diaspora Support and Communications

Please mark your calendars and save the date to attend the 3rd Annual Immigrant’s Reunion 2017 conference on 3-4 August, 2017.
LIBC invites Lebanese across the world to find their way back home again, bearing success stories, initiatives and a lot of love to share with their fellow countrymen.
We believe that our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists provided and will provide in-depth insight, as well as, actionable and practical tools of engagement models, methods and mechanisms.
We do believe that together we can achieve more and we can support our beloved country, Lebanon, at all levels.

Successful Conferences

LIBC has organized conferences and workshops, both in Lebanon and abroad, with outstanding results. November 2001 witnessed a conference by LIBC in Belgium. In May 2002, LIBC organized a conference called the Lebanese-Arab Investments and Economic Integration, which was organized in Dubai. In June 2003, LIBC achieved major success with Planet Lebanon in Brazil. Set to be the best yet, LIBC’s fourth conference, Planet Lebanon 2004 that was held in Lebanon. LIBC Fifth Conference Planet Lebanon 2005 was held in Central America in the Island of Curacao. LIBC sixth conference Planet Lebanon 2010 was held in Lebanon. LIBC also organized two editions of “Immigrants’ Reunion” conferences in Lebanon during 2012 and 2016.

Touristic Trip to Chouf district

Italy supports Lebanese energy projects

Lebanese companies looking to finance renewable energy or energy efficiency projects can apply for a loan product through Banque du Liban’s NEEREA financing mechanism that is funded by a 5 million euros ($5.8 million) grant from…

Committees approve transparency law on oil

The joint parliamentary committees approved Thursday a proposed law aiming to ensure transparency in oil and gas contracts. Caretaker Energy and Water Minister Cesar Abi Khalil, who attended the meetings of the joint committees at the…

French, Lebanese officials talk Tripoli ecological projects

A French Senate delegation visited Tripoli this week ahead of a symposium in Paris next month focusing on citizen ecology. The event will use the northern port city as a model. The delegation, which included Sens.…

المجلس الإغترابي اللبناني يولم على شرف المُغتربين في تبنين

أولم المجلس الإغترابي اللبناني برئيسه الدكتور نسيب فواز على شرف…

New Date of the Immigrants’ Reunion 2018

Building on the great success of previous Planet Lebanon conferences,…

New Date of the Immigrants’ Reunion 2018 Invitation

IMMIGRANTS’ REUNION 2018  Phoenicia  HOTEL, August 6th , 2018  …



It has been clear for some time now that mobile connectivity is outpacing fixed-line connectivity as the communications growth is being driven mainly in developing countries that are typically characterized by poor fixed infrastructure.…
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